Biological Sciences SI Session Schedules

  • TTh 2pm-3:20pm
    SI Leader: Dominic Pak

    Major: B.S. Environmental Science and Health PDP, M.S. Global Medicine
    Hometown: Whittier, CA
    Campus Involvement: Latino Students in Medicine, Alpha Epsilon Delta, EH Matters Research Fellow, Dornsife Ambassador, Research Assistant at the Chatzi Lab
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Watch the sunrise at Griffith, finding new coffee shops in K-Town, going to playa del ray, and thrifting!
    Fun fact: I’ve been an uncle since fifth grade!

    Weekly SI Sessions:

    • Monday 7-8pm (THH 215)
    • Tuesday 4-5pm SGM 601
    • Thursday 5-6pm (Zoom)
  • MWF 9am

    SI Leader: Joanne Yip

    Major/Minor: Health and Human Sciences/Health Care Studies, Dance/PDP in Global Medicine
    Hometown: Alameda, CA
    Campus Involvement: USC THV, USC JEP, USC Mobile Clinic, Research @ CHLA’s CHD & Brain Development Lab, APAMSA, WorldMED, and GlobeGramSC
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Late night drives and food runs with friends 🙂
    Fun Fact: In 2020, I had a boba count of 283

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 5-5:50pm (hybrid; DMC 210)
    • Tuesday 7-7:50pm (hybrid; SGM 226)
    • Wednesday 4-4:50pm (hybrid; SGM 226 )


  • MWF 10-10:50am
    SI Leader: Nate Ackerman

    Major/Minor: Biology BA
    Hometown: Pottstown, PA
    Campus Involvement: CURA Magazine writing chair, Crisis Textline Volunteer/Campus Advocate, Brain Exercise Initiative volunteer and outreach chair, member of USC Brazilian jiu jitsu (blue belt), research at the Andrus school of gerontology
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Taking the metro with some friends to Santa Monica after midterms — relaxing on the beach and watching the beautiful sunsets never disappoints.
    Fun Fact: My friend and I coparent a stuffed animal pig from Dave and Busters, so you may see me carrying him around campus. His name is Cracka and he’s two years old 🙂

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 8-8:50pm (hybrid; DMC 155)
    • Tuesday 5-5:50pm (hybrid; DMC 201)
    • Wednesday 8-8:50pm (hybrid; DMC 158)
    • Thursday 6-6:50pm (hybrid; DMC 200)

    Join here for hybrid sessions.


  • TTh 8am
    SI Leader: Emma D’Addezio

    Major/Minor: Human Biology
    Hometown: Chatham, NJ
    Campus Involvement: Historian of Womxn RISE, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Team Awareness Combating Overdose (TACO), Step-Up Tutor, Addiction and Self-Control Research Assistant at the Brain and Creativity Institute, Brain and Alcohol Research Assistant at Keck School of Medicine.
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Scouting out niche coffee shops, going beach hopping and occasionally surf, and petting all the dogs I encounter! 🙂
    Fun Fact: I am a certified spin instructor!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 6-7pm (hybrid; THH 110)
    • Tuesday 7-8pm (hybrid; DMC 201)
    • Thursday 6-7pm (Zoom)

    TTh 9:30amSI Leader: Maggie Kolchinafemale student posing for picture with crossed arms

    Major/Minor: Global Health
    Hometown: Moscow/Singapore
    Campus Involvement: USC Club Track, Southern California Research Journal, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Research Assistant at USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Volunteer
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Doing sunrise beach runs, my favorite is Manhattan beach
    Fun Fact: I love traveling and I’ve lived in 8 countries growing up:)

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 6-7pm (THH 213)
    • Tuesday 9-10pm (Zoom)
    • Wednesday 8-9pm (hybrid; KAP 140)



  • SI Leader: Ram Gautam

    Major/Minor: Human Biology, Environmental Studies
    Hometown: Stockton, CA
    Campus Involvement: I believe it is extremely important to be involved with what you love, which is why my three major commitments are USC Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (USC KDSAP), CHLA Psychiatry Research, and Supplemental Instruction! Kidneys, psychiatry, and teaching 🙂 My three loves.
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: My favorite things to do in LA are driving down the coast of the beach, going to the beach in the morning, going to the beach in the afternoon, going to the beach at night, going to the beach by myself, going to the beach with friends, and also, going to the beach!
    Fun Fact: Well, my first fun fact is I cannot swim (but yes, I still love going to the beach). I am also a triplet, an up-and-coming DJ (I DJ once every month for 10 minutes but my mixes are fire), and am very interested in fashion!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 5-6pm; hybrid, DMC 111
    • Tuesday 7-8pm; hybrid, THH 205
  • MWF 10am

    SI Leader: Eman Ahmad

    Major/Minor: Human Biology/Theatre
    Hometown: Saratoga, CA
    Campus Involvement: Biology club, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Male Contraception Research
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Trying new restaurants in Ktown, thrifting, spending all my money on late-night Popeyes.

    Fun Fact: I hate bread and cheese, but I love pizza.

    Weekly SI Sessions:

    • Monday 8-9pm (THH 213)
    • Wednesdays 6-7pm (Zoom)
  • MWF 9am
    SI Leader:
    Anya Shah

    Major/Minor: Global Health
    Hometown: Whittier, CA
    Campus Involvement: AED, 180 Degrees Consulting, Project RISHI
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Try new boba places, go to Lakers games, go to the beach.
    Fun Fact: I once met The Weeknd.

    Weekly SI Sessions:

    • Monday 6-7pm (Zoom)
    • Thursday 7-8pm (ZHS 360)


  • SI Leader: Brandon Ye

    Major/Minor: Quantitative Biology/Artificial Intelligence Applications, Healthcare Studies
    Hometown: Fremont, CA
    Campus Involvement: CSI-Cancer, EMSC, SCRJ, QBA
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Taking late-night walks, finding free food on and off campus, and playing basketball and Spikeball with friends!
    Fun Fact: I used to swim competitively, but am afraid of the ocean!

    Weekly SI Sessions:

    • Tuesday 7-7:50pm (ZHS 360)
    • Wednesday 7-7:50pm (ZHS 360)
  • MWF 12-12:50pm
    SI Leader: Omar Salah

    Major/Minor: Chemistry (Chemical Biology)/Health Care Studies; Applied Analytics
    Hometown: San Diego, CA
    Campus Involvement: Undergraduate research in the Gati Lab @ Bridge Institute, International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM), Dornsife Ambassador, Latino Students in Medicine (LSM), Muslim Student Union (MSU)
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: I love to go to the beach, hike, and try new foods around LA!
    Fun Fact: I speak three languages!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 5-5:50pm (KAP 148)
    • Tuesday 6-6:50pm (ZHS 360)
    • Wednesday 6-6:50pm (ZHS 360)
  • MWF 12-12:50pm
    SI Leader: Mia Montiel

    Major/Minor: Biomedical Engineering (Molecular/Cellular Engineering)
    Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
    Campus Involvement: Lab intern at Applied Movement and Pain Laboratory (AMPL), Treasurer of Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (ASBME), Make-a-Thon committee member, MEDesign, hospice care facility volunteer, WiE mentor
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Grabbing boba with friends!
    Fun Fact: I love to ski and my dream is to ski in Switzerland.

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday: 7-9PM (Zoom)
    • Tuesday: 4-5pm (hybrid; DMC 157)
    • Wednesday 8-9pm (hybrid; GFS 222)

Chemistry SI Session Schedules

  • SI Leader: Jacob Liskh

    Major/Minor: Human Biology/Spanish, Health Care Studies
    Hometown: New Lenox, IL
    Campus Involvement: USC Norris Research Assistant, USC HEAL Research Assistant, Trojan Health Volunteers.
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Go to Manhattan Beach, Try to find the best tacos in LA, Drive around and see what I can find!
    Fun Fact: My comfort food is chips and guacamole.

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 6-6:50pm (hybrid;  THH 113)
    • Tuesday 1-1:50pm (hybrid; DMC 161)
    • Thursday 6-6:50pm (hybrid; GFS 220)


  • MWF 9am
    SI Leader: Marcus Chang

    Major/Minor: Human Biology
    Hometown: Dyer, IN
    Campus Involvement: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Trojan Health Volunteers, SCout, Keck Medical Volunteer
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Hangout at the LA beaches, watch Lakers, Clippers, Rams games, find new food in DTLA or Koreatown and Little Tokyo!
    Fun Fact: My family was on family feud!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 8-9 PM (hybrid; GFS 223)
    • Tuesday 7-8; GFS 222
    • Wednesday 8-9; ZHS 360
  • MWF 11am
    SI Leader: Matthew Rodriguez

    Major/Minor: Human Biology/Computer Science
    Hometown: Westchester, NY
    Campus Involvement: CAIS++ Curriculum Lead, LBSA
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Going to the beach, finding good restaurants, and exploring!
    Fun Fact: I love crocheting.

    • Monday 5-6PM; DMC 261
    • Wednesday 5-6; DMC 154
    • Thursday 7-8; DMC 200; hybrid
  • MWF 9-9:50am
    SI Leader: Finn Cassady

    Major/Minor: Biology/Computer Science

    Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

    Campus Involvement: CTroy Camp – Director of High School Programming, Arnold Research Lab – Undergraduate Researcher, Inter-Health Council – Mentor
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Hiking, going to the beach, and trying restaurants around LA
    Fun Fact: I love to cook (pizza, steak, pasta, etc.) and bake (cakes, breads, cookies)

    • Monday 6-7 PM; THH 108
    • Monday 7-8 PM; THH 108
    • Thursday 6-7 Zoom
  • MWF 10am
    SI Leader: Melissa Qin

    Major/Minor: Neuroscience (B.S.)/Health Policy Minor
    Hometown: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
    Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Researcher at Arnold Research Lab
    Scholars Leading Scholars Mentor
    Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
    Alpha Phi Sorority

    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Explore new favorite restaurants
    Beach days

    Fun Fact: I really enjoy skateboarding!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 7-8pm; GFS 223
    • Wednesday 6-7pm; KAP 140
    • Wednesday 7-8pm; HYBRID
  • SI Leader: Helen Highland

    Major/Minor: Chemistry, Chemical Nanoscience. Minor: Video Game Programming
    Hometown: Beijing, China
    Campus Involvement: USC Trojan Boxing Club, Research @ Marinescu’s Group
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Coffee shop hopping
    Fun Fact: I love playing rhythm games, might catch me casually playing at Leavey during a “study break”

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 6pm – 6:50pm; GFS 113
    • Monday 7-7:50pm; Zoom
    • Wednesday 7pm – 7:50pm; GFS 113
  • SI Leader: Andrew Vu

    Major/Minor: Biological Sciences/Spanish
    Hometown: Chatsworth, CA
    Campus Involvement: Cancer research at the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, LAC+USC Hospital ER Volunteer, Crisis Text Line Volunteer, Southern California Healthcare Outreach, and Trojan Chess Club
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Exploring museums, hiking, and going to the beach.
    Fun Fact: I listen to a lot of Classical Music!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 7-7:50 PM; THH 113
    • Wednesday 7-7:50 PM; Zoom


  • MWF 9am
    SI Leader: Sahar Nangoli

    Major: Human Biology
    Hometown: Tehran
    Campus Involvement: Education Director of Southern California Healthcare Outreach, Opinion Staff Writer for the Daily Trojan, Neurology Research Assistant at Keck School of Medicine
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: road trips to fun beaches! (fave = Laguna Beach), trying “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants around the city, beach volleyball!
    Fun Fact: I went to 4 different schools in 4 different cities during high school!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 7-8 pm; GFS 207
    • Wednesday 8-9pm; KAP 144
    • Thursday 6-7 pm; GFS 207
  • MWF 9am
    SI Leader: Oscar Peng

    Major/Minor: Biological Sciences/Public Health
    Hometown: Arcadia, CA
    Campus Involvement: Oral Systemic Health Project, Camp Kesem, DiSCourse, Global Dental Brigades, Delta Delta Sigma Pre-Dental Honor Society, Tower Lab Research
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: I highly recommend checking out Six Flags Magic Mountain at least once if you have never visited and love thrills!
    Fun Fact: I played the violin, piano, and drums from elementary through high school and I still play to this day! I also have a Maltese dog and his name is Pablo Peng.

    Weekly SI Sessions:

    • Monday 8-9 PM Hybrid; THH 110
    • Tuesday 8-9 PM Hybrid; GFS 222
    • Thursday 7-8 PM Hybrid; GFS 223

    Zoom link for hybrid sessions:

  • MWF 1pm
    SI Leader: Wendy Fei

    Major/Minor: Chemical Engineering
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Campus Involvement: Archery
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Dine at various restaurants
    Fun Fact: I like to collect rings of all type

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Tuesday 7-8 pm; KAP 156
    • Tuesday 8-9 pm; KAP 156
    • Thursday 6-7 pm; KAP 158
  • MWF 1-1:50pm
    SI Leader: Aryan Anand

    Major/Minor: Human Biology/East Asian Languages and Cultures
    Hometown: Fresno, CA
    Campus Involvement: First Generation Student Mentor, Questbridge Project Team, SC Healthcare Outreach, Ochem A Learning Assistant, USC Hindu Student Organization, Badminton Club.
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Going to the football & basketball games, taking pictures of supercars, and trying out foods that I would otherwise never try.
    Fun Fact: I love collecting colognes and would often go to my local Macy’s or Sephora just to get dozens of free samples of the super expensive perfumes.

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 7 – 8 pm; DMC 101
    • Wednesday 8 – 9 pm; KAP 144
    • Friday 3 – 4 pm; SGM 601

    Zoom link for hybrid sessions:

  • MWF 10am
    SI Leader: Lilia Kazerooni

    Major/Minor: Human Biology B.S./Spanish
    Hometown: San Ramon, CA
    Campus Involvement: Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Trojan Health Interpretation Services, off-campus volunteering and undergraduate research
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Thrifting, trying new restaurants, hiking and going to the beach.
    Fun Fact: I perform classical Iranian/Persian dance!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 7-8pm; LVL 17
    • Wednesday 7-8pm; SSL 202
    • Tuesday (Q&A) 8-9pm; SLH 100
  • MWF 10-10:50am
    SI Leader: Faith Nguyen

    Major/Minor: Health Human Sciences/Musical Studies (Keyboard)
    Hometown: Irvine, CA
    Campus Involvement: USC Delta Delta Sigma, Womxn RISE Pre-Health Organization, Music Inspiring Community, USC Tommy’s Tours, CHEM Learning Assistant w/ Prof. Broyer
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: I’m a big foodie so I’m always looking for new restaurants to try!
    Fun Fact: I’m a Swedish citizen!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 5-6pm; KAP 144
    • Tuesday 7-8pm; SLH 100
    • Tuesday (Q&A) 8-9pm; SLH 100
  • MWF 1-1:50am
    SI Leader: Shourav Saha

    Major/Minor: Chemistry (Chemical Biology)
    Hometown: Long Island, NY
    Campus Involvement: Structural Biology Research @ Cherezov Lab, USC KDSAP, Trojan Chemistry Club, USC HSO
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Trying out new food and restaurants at odd hours of the day, exploring art museums, playing, and getting annoyed at really difficult video games.
    Fun Fact: I used to do classical voice and opera singing prior to college!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 5:00 – 6:00 PM; DMC 202
    • Wednesday 7:00 – 8:00 PM; GFS 114
    • Thursday 9:00 – 10:00 AM; THH 209
    • Friday 5:00 – 6:00 PM; GFS 107

Economics SI Session Schedules

  • TTh 2-3:50pm
    SI Leader: Nakul Malik

    Major/Minor: Economics/Consumer Behavior
    Hometown: Kolkata, India
    Campus Involvement: Economics Association E-board member and pickup soccer fanatic.
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Hunt for new dessert spots.
    Fun Fact: I had a YouTube channel as a child where I would teach people how to do card magic. It still exists!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 6 – 6:50 PM; DMC 154
      Wednesday 7-7:50PM; KAP 147
      Thursday 1-1:50 PM; KAP 148
  • SI Leader: Dung Pham (he/him)

    Major/Minor: Economics & Data Science, Applied & Computational Mathematics
    Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
    Campus Involvement: Shift SC, SC Quiz Bowl
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Trying out restaurants and boba places!
    Fun Fact: I love everything matcha!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Tuesday 7-8pm; KAP 140
    • Wednesday 4-5pm; KAP 140
    • Thursday 4-5pm; KAP 147

Human Biology SI Session Schedules

  • SI Leader: Sophia Hai

    Major: Human Biology/Health Care Studies and Performance Arts Studies Minors
    Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Campus Involvement: American Medical Women’s Association, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Honors Society, Emergency Medical Services of SC, Keck Department of Radiology Research Breast Cancer Studies, Keck Department of Emergency Medicine Research, USC Visions and Voices Volunteer
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Manhattan Beach, cafe hop in DTLA, and going to my fav artists’ concerts 🙂
    Fun Fact: I opened for The Lion King on Broadway with my music studio!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Tuesday 8-9pm; DMC 110
    • Wednesday 7-8pm; Zoom
    • Thursday 7-8pm; DMC 111

Math SI Session Schedules

  • SI Leader: Justin Yang

    Major: Applied and Computational Mathematics/Cognitive Science

    Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Omega

    Favorite Thing to do in LA: Eating good food

    Fun fact: I never watched Star Wars.

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Tuesday 9-10pm; DMC 160
    • Wednesday 4-5pm; THH 115
    • Thursday 5-6pm; DMC 201
  • SI Leader: Advay Iyer

    Major/Minor: Computer Engineering and Computer Science
    Hometown: New Delhi, India
    Campus Involvement: Literally any sports related activity!
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: I love the concerts, the beaches and the restaurants!
    Fun Fact: I have met almost every famous Indian cricket player from our generation!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 5-6 pm; KAP 138
    • Thursday 6-7 pm; KAP 134
    • Friday 4-5 pm; KAP 134
  • SI Leader: Mowen Zhao (Professor Dreyer’s section)

    Major/Minor: Astronomy/AI applications
    Hometown: Guangxi, China
    Campus Involvement: E-board member of the Society of Physics student. Rocket Propulsion Lab. Students for the exploration and development of space(SEDS)
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA:
    Fun Fact: 

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 6-7 pm; THH 211
    • Tuesday 6-7 pm; KAP 138
    • Friday 2-3 pm; KAP 138
  • SI Leader: Strad Slater (Professor Gerdhart’s section)

    Major/Minor: Physics and Computer Science/Philosophy
    Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
    Campus Involvement: Trojan Men, Sigma Phi Delta, SC Climbing, Biophysics Research
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Go to Santa Monica with My Friends
    Fun Fact: My Favorite Movie is the Martian.

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 10:00am-10:50am; KAP 134
    • Monday 1:00pm – 1:50pm; KAP 134
    • Wednesday 3-3:50pm; KAP 134
  • SI Leader: Terry Tao

    Major/Minor: Mathematics, Computer Science
    Hometown: Guangzhou, China
    Campus Involvement: Open Alpha Game Design Club Vice President, GLAMOR NLP & Robotics Lab Student Researcher, Computer Graphics Research, Trojan Scholars Society Academic and Professional Development Committee
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Going to Concerts!
    Fun Fact: I am Cross-Dominant, which means I have varied dominant hands for tasks. For example, I strum guitars with my left hand, but hold tennis rackets with my right hand!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 5pm – 5:50pm; KAP 137
    • Wednesday 5pm – 5:50pm ; KAP 138
    • Thursday 5pm – 5:50pm; KAP 141

Physics SI Session Schedules

  • SI Leader: Anshuman Patnaik

    Major/Minor: Biochemistry/Mathematical Data Analytics
    Hometown: Fremont, CA
    Campus Involvement: Katritch Lab, Trojan Health Volunteers, USC Asli Baat
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Explore food! K-Town, Little Tokyo, Downtown, Little B-Desh, etc. are too good. 🙂
    Fun Fact: I can probably make you any Indian dish you ask for from scratch.

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Wednesday 6-7 30pm; GFS 222
    • Thursday 5-6pm; DMC 200
  • SI Leader: Hrithika Bhambhani

    Major/Minor: B.S. Human Biology/Neuroscience and Health Care Studies
    Hometown: Baltimore, MD
    Campus Involvement: Asli Baat USC, Health Sciences Education Program, The Healing Process, Spanglish Tutoring, Young Adult Center for Cancer Survivorship, Trojan Health Volunteers, Trojan Scholars Society
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: I love finding new boba spots with my friends and exploring the Natural History Museum!
    Fun Fact: I have a one-year-old sweet plum bonsai tree named Harold. 🙂

    Weekly SI Sessions

  • SI Leader: Jacqueline Eschbach

    Major/Minor: Computational Neuroscience, minors in Mathematics and Computer Science
    Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Thrifting
    Fun Fact: I love playing League of Legends

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 5pm-5:50pm; THH 110
    • Wednesday 5pm-5:50pm; KAP 140
    • Thursday 2-3pm; KAP 137
  • male student posing in a suit and tieSI Leader: Liam Hall

    Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering
    Hometown:Montclair, New Jersey
    Campus Involvement:Freshmen Academy, USC RPL, Student Symphony Orchestra, Leapfrog
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Go to the beach, play basketball with friends, going thrifting with friends.
    Fun Fact: I am an excellent skier

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 12:00-12:50 PM; GFS 223
    • Thursday 3:30-4:20 PM; DMC 206
    • Friday 12:00-12:50PM; KAP 137

Psychology SI Session Schedules

  • SI Leader: Mason Buxton

    Major/Minor: Psychology
    Hometown: Sandy, UT
    Campus Involvement: USC Climbing Team, Cedars-Sinai Emergency Room Volunteer
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: I love going to climbing gyms, hiking and hanging out at the beach!
    Fun Fact: I absolutely LOVE Star Wars and even have a little lightsaber collection!

    Weekly SI Sessions

    • Monday 11am-11:50am; KAP 167
    • Monday 12pm-12:50pm Zoom
    • Wednesday 4:30pm-5:20pm; DMC 109
  • SI Leader: Lili Ruvalcaba

    Major/Minor: Health and the Human Sciences/Health Care Studies, Natural Science
    Hometown: Pamona, CA
    Campus Involvement: Research Assistant at USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, Latino Students in Medicine, Scholars Leading Scholars, Mentor Advocates for Healthy Aging, Student Gerontology Association Club, Softball Treasurer, Trojan Scholars Society
    Favorite thing(s) to do in LA: Trying new restaurants, getting vanilla lattes, scootering around the city 🙂

    Weekly Q&A Sessions: