What Students Love About SI

The Supplemental Instruction Program regularly requests feedback on the program, SI leaders, and sessions offered. Check out what students have said about their experiences in SI!


“The sessions felt like a more comforting space. The SI was extremely helpful and the sessions allowed for all questions to be answered.”
“Hilary was a great SI leader!! Her worksheets were really comprehensive and covered all the relevant material for class. Her availability to answer questions both in-person and over email was super helpful. She did a great job!”
“Nathan was an amazing SI leader for CHEM 350! He made great use of our short time together each week. He helped us figure out what to focus on when studying, provided great practice problems that were similar to test questions, and explained difficult concepts well.”
“They really emphasize the important stuff that maybe the professor mentioned once or twice. They also provide examples of questions in exams of previous years and questions. The review sheets are extremely helpful.”
“Apart from the many helpful acronyms and explanations for many topics, I enjoyed theweekly fun recommendations and questions in the middle of the SI sessions.”
“I really liked that my SI leaders wanted to build a relationship with me, I loved the questions/tips of the week. They were both also really good at explaining their subjects.”