Welcome to MSL

The Modeling and Simulation Laboratory is a consortium of researchers with a common interest in the interdisciplinary application of mathematics.  The group consists of senior scientists from both academics and industry, postdoctoral researchers and both graduate and undergraduate students.  The laboratory is based in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Southern California.  The hallmarks of all of the laboratory’s projects are that they involve a highly interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, they employ advanced and sophisticated mathematics to solve real problems, they are computationally intensive and the approach taken has is based upon letting the problem drive the mathematics rather than the other way around.  On our website you will find descriptions of some of the projects our team is currently involved in and has worked on recently.  These projects include the intelligent design and manufacturing of advanced optical semiconductors, the corrosion of concrete wastewater systems, modeling and data assimilation for the now-casting and forecasting of ionospheric space weather, the development of a data analysis system for a transdermal alcohol biosensor, and the optimal design of advanced nanoscale electronic, electromagnetic and optical devices.  Please take a few minutes to explore our website and learn more about these exciting and powerful applications of mathematical analysis, modeling, simulation and computation to science and engineering.