language@usc administers Departmental Clearance (D-Clearance) requests for most Level 1 foreign language courses taught at USC.


If you have previous experience in a foreign language, you are required by university policy to take a placement exam. You will not be issued permission to register if you have not taken the exam and may face disciplinary action if you have previous experience and affirm that you do not.

You may have active D-clearance for one section per language at a time.

  • Portuguese: D class assignments available in THH-156; phone (213) 740-8296.

  • D-clearance not required to register.

  • Click HERE to request D-clearance for level 1 courses.


    PLEASE NOTE: After Friday of Week 1, we do not process online D-Clearance requests. Students who want D-Clearance after the first week of classes need to secure an email from the instructor to  The instructor’s email must include your name, USCID number, and section number of the class you want to add.