Meets Wed. 3:30-4:30 in KAP 414


Spring 2018

Wed. 1/10: Evita Nestoridi, Princeton University, Studying cutoff for card shuffling (abstract)
Wed. 1/17: Marcelo Viana, IMPA, Brazil
Mon. 1/22: Greta Panova, University of Pennsylvania, Algebraic Combinatorics in Statistical Mechanics and Complexity Theory
Wed. 1/24: Abhinav Kumar, Stony Brook University, Twenty-four dimensional cannonballs and magic functions (abstract)
Fri. 1/26: Daniel Litt, Columbia University, Fundamental groups in arithmetic and geometry (abstract)
Mon. 1/29: Jeffrey Kuan, Columbia University, Algebraic constructions of Markov duality and its applications (abstract)
Wed. 1/31: Nathan Perlmutter, Stanford University, Moduli Spaces of Manifolds (abstract)
Fri. 2/9: Dan Ketover, Princeton, Minimal surfaces in geometry and topology (abstract)
Wed. 2/14: Adriano Garsia, UC San Diego, The Hall algebra at t=1/q and torus knots
Wed. 3/7 (joint with CS colloquium): Vijay Vazirani, UC Irvine, Planar Graph Perfect Matching is in NC (abstract)
Wed. 4/18: Weiyan Chen, University of Minnesota, Choosing distinct points on cubic curves (abstract)
Wed. 4/25: Farrell Brumley, Universite Paris 13, Automorphic forms as rational points (abstract)

 Fall 2017

Wed. 9/6: Jennifer Wilson, Stanford University, Stability in the homology of Torelli groups (abstract)
Wed. 9/13: Joseph Teran, UCLA, Elastoplasticity Simulation with the Material Point Method (abstract)
Wed. 9/20: Ellen Eischen, University of Oregon, L-functions, modular forms, and congruences (abstract)
Wed. 10/4: Robert Lipshitz, University of Oregon, Trivial tangles and Floer homology (abstract)
Wed. 10/11: Robert Sedgewick, Princeton University (abstract)
Wed. 10/25: Alex Wright, Stanford University, Dynamics, geometry, and the moduli space of Riemann surfaces (abstract)
Wed. 11/1: Jeffrey Kuan, Columbia University, Algebraic constructions of Markov duality functions (abstract)
Wed. 11/15: Mark Walker, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, The Total and Toral Rank Conjectures (abstract)
Fri. 11/17: Steven Sam, University of Wisconsin, Noetherianity in representation theory (abstract)