Food Insecurity in Los Angeles County

USC Public Exchange

Public Exchange’s innovative approach to collaborative problem-solving has drawn the support of donors like Kathy Leventhal, whose many roles at USC include Trustee, volunteer and parent.

Transcending Walls Through Education

USC Prison Education Project

USC Dornsife students, staff and donors find meaningful ways to support USC’s Prison Education Project which aims to facilitate connections that transcend walls both literal and figurative, creating a prison-to-school pipeline that transforms program participants as well as society.

Learning With the BUGS

Bridge Undergraduate Science

The Dangs and Peskoffs believe that science education is an important pathway to changing the world and know the power of research to an undergraduate education. They support BUGS which pairs undergrads with faculty members and graduate students or postdoctoral mentors to perform hands-on research in USC labs.

A Gateway to the Future

Gateway Internship Program

Offering mentorship, internships and sage career development tools, alumni, donors and friends of the Gateway Internship Program have supported hundreds of USC Dornsife students in their career preparation.

A Legacy for Family and Future

Diane Sonosky Montgomery

Veins flowing with red and gold and a heart filled with love for the ocean help Diane Sonosky Montgomery continue the Trojan legacy her parents established years before.

Fight On for Something That Matters

Shannon Gottesman

As a volunteer with JEP, Shannon Gottesman experienced first-hand the power of one-on-one tutoring on young students.

Dornsife Alumna Gives Back

Cordelia Sims

Cordelia Sims credits her sociology degree for helping her see the bigger picture of what an investment in education can do on a societal level.

Supporting Students

Jen Skok

Inspired by their son’s success at USC Dornsife, Jen and Steve Skok wanted to give the same opportunity to others.

Photo of Bob Beyer
A Continuing Investment in USC Dornsife

Bob Beyer

Investing is very much Bob Beyer’s area of expertise.

Photo of Andy Perlman
USC Dornsife Parent Turned Board Member

Andy Perlman

Andy Perlman believes in USC Dornsife’s potential.

Honoring a Lifetime Friend and Mentor

Adina Savin

Adina Savin was a freshman at USC Dornsife when USC Dean of Women Joan Metcalf Schaefer asked her into her office.

Alumnus Attributes Success to USC Dornsife Education

Danny Kradjian

Danny Kradjian attributes his success to USC Dornsife.

Elizabeth and Wilhelmina Van Hunnick

Elizabeth and Wilhelmina Van Hunnick commemorate a family legacy.

Photo of USC Alumni Mary Wills and her children

Mary Wills

Mary Wills traces her career as a teacher, union president, education advocate, and donor back to her time as a student.

Lisa Korbatov

USC alumna Lisa Korbatov promotes bi-partisan discourse in today’s world.

Michael Williams

Michael L. Williams remembers his USC Dornsife education as a key step toward realizing early ambitions to seek public office.

Photo of Robin Achen

Robin Achen

Robin Achen is determined to pay it forward — a decision she traces back to her time as an undergraduate at USC Dornsife.

Alumna Pays Scholarship Support Forward

Kay Albitz

Kay Albitz was a 20-year-old sophomore at USC Dornsife studying linguistics and Japanese when she received a scholarship from the John Mayr Foundation.

Photo of Kathryn Kendall
A Parent’s Experiences with Inspire Giving

Kathryn Kendall

For Kathryn Kendall, supporting USC Dornsife is a family matter.

An Island of Support

Daniel Zinsmeyer

Daniel Zinsmeyer is a third-generation Trojan.

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