Mentorship Program



  Dr. Meg Palisoc, Mentor

"I enjoyed meeting with and supporting my mentees. Not only was it great to hear about the current Trojan student experience from my mentees, but I also loved sharing with my mentees about how they are part of a worldwide community of Trojans for life."


  David Moreno, Mentor

"Any alumni looking to give back to our USC Dornsife community should strongly consider serving as a mentor as it strengthens your connection to our college, allows you to positively impact the trajectory of the student you mentor, and pushes you to continuously refine your own leadership."


  Michelle Khawli, Student

"Having the opportunity to be a part of this program and working with my mentor played a big role in shaping my professional goals and helped me so much in the job recruiting process."



Important Dates


The Fall 2023 application is now open.
  1. Alumni and Students APPLY HERE
  2. Create your profile on the Trojan Network
  3. Select “Programs” and register for the Dornsife Alumni Mentorship Program