What’s your passion?

Gender and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering a major, minor, and graduate certificate at USC. Our courses cover gender, sex, and sexuality across cultures, regions, historical periods, and academic subjects. Our Core Faculty comes from 10 different departments and our courses from 20 different departments and programs across the University.

As a GSS major or minor, you design your own course of instruction based on your interests – humanities, social sciences, arts, or all three.

For example:

  • Interested in international relations? Sign up for Gender and Global issues (IR 316).
  • Art or media? Take Queer Cinema, Literature and the Visual Arts (COLT 415) or Gender, Media and Communication (COMM 395).
  • Politics? Sex, Power, and Politics (POSC 381)
  • Masculinity? Men and Masculinity (SWMS 385)
  • Heath or biology? Health, Gender and Ethnicity (SWMS 336) or The Science of Sex Differences: A Gender and Sexuality Studies Approach (SWMS 325)

Gender and Sexuality Studies brings top-notch scholars together with students in small upper-level courses and seminars. Majors and minors work closely with their professors and have multiple opportunities for individual or team research. You can pursue an honors major and write a senior thesis in GSS.