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    Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

    The Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies offers a minor for students specializing in other disciplines who would like a substantive introduction to the way gender shapes individuals and institutions, as well as to the research methods and topics specific to the field.

    Minor in Gender and Social Justice

    The minor in Gender and Social Justice is tailored for students interested in careers in the area of social policy. The minor is unique in its focus on the ways in which large-scale social and economic processes such as neoliberalism, globalization and economic precarity are connected and gendered. Topics include gender and violence; human trafficking; migration; reproductive rights; global human rights in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity; the prison state; prostitution and sex work. Students will examine the complexities of translating feminist theorizing into social policy.

    Minor in LGBTQ Studies

    The interdisciplinary minor in LGBTQ Studies establishes sexuality as a critical category of analysis for humanists and social scientists. The minor enables students to explore the shifting social organization and cultural meanings of same-sex sexuality and gender identification.