What is Digital Sociology?

Digital sociology explores the interplay between digital technology, social behaviors, and societal structures. As an emerging discipline, it delves into how online interactions, social media platforms, and digital tools shape and reflect cultural dynamics, personal identities, and group norms. Digital sociologists analyze trends in cyber communities, the implications of digital data collection, and the broader impact of the internet on social evolution.

In this age of rapid technological advancement — where we find ourselves in the midst of a Digital Revolution and most recently, in an AI Revolution, the fast-spinning changes in society require analysis and understanding. Digital sociology provides critical insights into the multifaceted relationship between technology and the fabric of society.

Dr. Julie M. Albright – Bio

Dr. Julie Albright is one of the leading experts in Digital Sociology. She has a Masters Degree in Social and Systemic Studies from Nova SouthEastern University and a Dual Doctorate in Sociology and Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California. Dr. Albright is currently a Lecturer in the departments of Applied Psychology and Engineering at USC, where She teaches master’s level courses on the Psychology of Interactive Technologies and Sustainable Infrastructure.

Dr. Albright’s research has focused on the growing intersection of technology and social / behavioral systems: She was the Co-PI and Project Lead for the Behavioral Component of a $121 million Smart Grid Demonstration Project with LA Dept of Water and Power, the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) and UCLA, funded by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. She is currently a Co-PI on a $15 million NSF Discover Expedition grant on superconducting electronics, led by Dr. Massoud Pedram in the Viterbi School of Engineering.

Dr. Albright is a noted media expert. She has given keynotes for major data center, energy, and other industry conferences including SAP for Utilities, IBM Global, Data Center Dynamics, and the Dept. of Defense. She has appeared as an expert on national media including the Today Show, CNN, NBC Nightly News, CBS, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NPR Radio and many others.

Dr. Albright sits on the Board of Infrastructure Masons, a global professional organization for IT and tech professionals.

Dr. Julie M. Albright – Speaker Reel

Introducing Dr. Julie Albright, a Digital Sociologist who bridges the worlds of technology and society, weaving the fabric of our digital future.

Dr. Julie Albright has said, “As we move into an era of unprecedented technological change, it’s crucial to understand not just the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ behind our digital behaviors.”

A sought-after speaker, consultant, and thought leader, Dr. Albright has captivated audiences at Google, delivered an inspiring TED Talk, and contributed to top-tier publications.

With insights that are as engaging as they are enlightening, Dr. Albright delves into the heart of our digital age—exploring its impact on mental health, social dynamics, and the fabric of society itself.

Dr. Julie Albright is one of the most compelling voices in digital sociology today, helping us all better navigate the complex landscape of our digital lives.

Here is a short video of some of her speaking engagements — including excerpts from a talk at Google and TED Talk.

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Dr. Julie Albright –Media Interviews

Dr. Julie Albright is a renowned digital sociologist and a leading media expert at the intersection of technology, society, and culture. With an impressive portfolio that includes talks at Google, a captivating TED Talk, and frequent appearances on major media outlets inclusing the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CNN, CSPAN Books,Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Time, and many others,she offers invaluable insights into how the accelerating pace of technological change is impacting social behaviors, mental health, and societal norms.

Whether it’s dissecting the rise of digital natives, examining the effects of social media on interpersonal relationships, or charting the societal shifts driven by AI and automation, Dr. Albright’s expertise makes her a go-to authority for understanding the nuanced impacts of technology on our rapidly changing world.

TED Talk

Dr. Albright gave a TED Talk at the Boulder, Colorado Chautauqua Institution on the social impacts of digital technologies, called It’s Not The Devices.

Click the photo to watch.

Talks at Google

Dr. Albright gave a talk at Google on the topic of Coming Untethered, which outlines the themes in her Devices book.

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