In their final year of enrollment, COLT majors with a cummulative GPA over 3.0 and a major GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible to participate in the Honors Program.  The Honors Program is an independent research component to the Comparative Literature major experience that further prepares students for advanced research and writing in a graduate program or various professional fields that demand independent thought and initiative.  Students are able to complete a project, in consult with a faculty committee, essentially of their own design.

To enroll, a student should:

Speak with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and faculty to sponsor their work
Enroll in COLT-490 and then COLT-495 for two consecutive semesters
Students who successfully complete Honors receive Departmental Honors on their transcript and receive other recognition.  They are also asked to participate in the annual Honors Showcase that takes place at the end of the academic year.