Students may earn the B.A. in Comparative Literature by completing 40 units (10 courses) in Comparative Literature pursuing one of two tracks:


Literature/Media/Critical Thought Track


This Track offers the opportunity to pursue a major that is broadly based in the liberal arts, that emphasizes cross-cultural, transnational exchange through literature and other media.

Students on this track may consider expending their concentration with a double major or minor in a related field, such as media studies, art history, communication, religion, philosophy, history. More information on major requirements can be found here.



Foreign Language Track


This track incorporates the study of at least one literature in a foreign language into the comparative perspective of the comparative literature major. Students who intend to pursue a graduate degree in either comparative literature or a foreign literature are strongly advised to choose this Track, as are students who already possess advanced skills in a language other than English.

Majors in comparative literature with foreign language emphasis might consider a double major or a minor in a department of foreign language or in a non-literary field such as international relations or journalism.



*The requirements for both Tracks of the major accommodate very well semesters of study abroad. Students are helped and encouraged to plan their programs in advance to allow for that experience.

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More information on major requirements can be found here.