USC Climate Change Research Group

We currently have openings for two PhD students. If you are interested in the research we are conducting or are considering postdoctoral research opportunities, please contact Dr. Lowell Stott.


My research seeks to gain a better understanding of Earth’s natural climate variability and the reasons for that variability.
My teaching seeks to convey that understanding to students so they can use that knowledge to make informed decisions about their future and about the global environment.

Dr. Lowell Stott, USC Professor of Earth Sciences

Current Research

Our research centers on two major themes:

1) The first theme centers on the role that geologic sources of carbon have played in regulating the concentration of CO2 in the ocean and in the atmosphere during Earth’s great climate perturbations, the Ice Ages.

2) The second theme centers on the reasons why California’s water availability varies so dramatically from year to year and decade to decade.