Recorded Events

We occasionally record events. All available recordings are accessible below, simply click on the event title.


Spring 2015


Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

Streisand Professor Lecture Series

Esther Perel; introduction by Sheila Briggs

04/27/15 * 1h 26m



Reframing the Welfare Queen: Work, Privacy, and Reproductive Freedom


Opening Plenary: The Disciplinary Power of the Welfare Queen: Policy, Practice and Politics

Dorothy Roberts, Ange-Marie Hancock; facilitator - Camille Gear Rich

04/23/15 * 2h 3m


Panel 1: The Political Deployment of the Welfare Queen: Poverty, Privacy and Reproductive Liberty

Michele Gilman, Michele Goodwin, Lisa Pruitt, Shelia Briggs; moderator - Camille Gear Rich

04/24/15 * 1h 51m


Panel 2: Welfare, Workfare and the Criminalization of Poverty

Noah Zatz, Leticia Saucedo, Ann Cammett, Priscilla Ocen; moderator - Clare Pastore

04/24/15 * 1h 32m


Lunchtime presentation: Cheating Welfare: The Criminalization of Poverty Continues

Kaaryn Gustafson; facilitator - Jody David Armour

04/24/15 * 1h 9m


Panel 3: The Welfare Queen and the Social Construction of Motherhood and Family

Kathryn Sabbeth, Melissa Murray, Eleanor Brown, Robin Lenhardt; moderator - Rhacel Parrenas

04/24/15 * 1h 28m


Panel 4: The Welfare Queen and the Racing of Poverty

Cheryl Harris, Diana Williams, Kimani Paul Emile, Mario Barnes; moderator - Sam Erman

04/24/15 * 1h 19m



EMPL.A. 2013, Day 2 talks at USC


Panel 1: So-Cal Scenes

Drew Tewksbury, Derek Papa, Ricci Garcia, Areum Jeong; moderator - Erica Flores

04/19/13 * 1h 27m


Panel 2: How We Hear, Here

Jose Anguiano, Kai Green, Lucas Hilderbrand, Marissa Steingold; moderator - Evelyn McDonnell

04/19/13 * 1h 32m


Panel 3 (Roundtable discussion): Revisiting the Long Beach Music Scene

Sarah Bennett, Marshall Goodman, Dennis Owens; moderator - Brett Mizelle

04/19/13 * 1h 8m


Panel 4: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Chauntelle Tibbals, Jeff Treppel, Elina Shatkin, Lisa Locascio; moderator - Ned Raggett

04/19/13 * 1h 33m



Spring 2013


Writing With a Vengeance: The Legacies of Tania Modeleski's Loving With a Vengeance & The Women Who Knew Too Much

Tania Modleski, Lynn Spigel, Victoria Johnson, Kara Keeling; introduction by Susan McCabe

02/21/13 * 1h 56m



Fall 2012 New Directions in Feminist Research events: The Politics of Popular Music


Pop! Goes Feminism: Gaga, Minaj, Monae

Jack Halberstam, Uri McMillan, Shana Redmond; moderator - Karen Tongson

11/5/12 * 1h 43m


Violence Girl and the Past, Present and Future of Queer/Punk Rage

Alice Bag, Raquel Gutierrez, Nikki Darling; moderator - Karen Tongson

10/23/12 * 1h 29m


Spring 2012


Embodying Race, Sex, and the Archive: A Symposium

Gabriela Cano, Tavia Nyong'o, Francoise Verges; moderator - Maria Elena Martinez-Lopez

04/13/12 * 2h 4m


How Love and Sex Have Changed in America

Streisand Professor Lecture Series

Paula England; introduction by Alice Echols

04/09/12 * 1h 2m

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