Tania Modleski

Florence R. Scott Professor of English and Professor of English and Comparative Literature

Contact Information
E-mail: modleski@usc.edu
Phone: (213) 740-2820
Office: THH 412

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D. , Stanford University
  • B.A. , SUNY - University Center at Albany
  • M.A. , SUNY - University Center at Albany

  • Description of Research

    Summary Statement of Research Interests
    Professor Modleski studies American studies, gender studies, feminist theory, and film and popular culture. Her research efforts focus on women in film, women in popular culture, women in literature, and soap operas.
    Research Keywords
    american studies, gender studies, feminist theory, film and popular culture
    Research Specialties
    (Ph.D., Stanford University, 1980) Professor of English: American Studies, Film and Popular Culture, Gender Studies, Psychoanalysis.

    Other Research

    • "Male Weepies." Book in progress., 12/22/2007-  
    • In process: "Enduring Feminism," memoir fragments, book-length. , 09/01/2005-  


    • Modleski, T. (2008). Loving with a Vengeance: Mass Produced Fantasies for Women, 2nd edition, new lengthy introduction. New York and London: Routledge.
    • Modleski, T. (2005). The Women Who Knew Too Much: 1988. Japanese Edition, 1993. French Edition, L'Harmattan, trans, Noel Burch, 2002.Revised edition with long chapter discussing Hitchcock criticism of the last decade and a half.
    • Modleski, T. (2005). 2nd. Edition of The Women Who Knew Too Much. 2nd. Edition of The Women Who Knew Too Much, new lengthy afterword/Routledge.

    Book Chapter
    • Modleski, T. (2012). Hitchcock, Feminism and the Patriarchal Unconscious reprint. Critical Visions in Film Theory Bedford/St. Martin's.
    • Modleski, T. (2011). "Answering for the Consequences," in book titled "True Confessions: Feminists Tell Stories Out of School". True Confessions pp. 24-35. New York, N.Y.: Norton.
    • Modleski, T. (2011). Suspicion: Collusion and Resistance in the Work of Hitchcock's Female Collaborators. A Companion to Alfred Hitchcock pp. 162-180. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.
    • Modleski, T. (2007). Women's Cinema as Counterphobic Cinema: The Case of Doris Wishman in "Sleaze Artists: Cinema at the Margins of Taste, Style, and Politics," ed. Jeffrey Sconce. N/A (Vol. N/A). pp. 47-70. Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press.
    • Modleski, T. (2007). "The Search for Tomorrow in Today's Soap Operas" in Feminist Television Criticism, ed. Charlotte Brunsdon and Lynn Spigel, lead essay. Reprint. New York: Open University Press, McGraw Hill.
    • Modleski, T. (2005). A Woman's Gotta Do... What a Man's Gotta Do? Cross-Dressing in the Western. pp. 119-250. Rome: Bulzoni Editore.

    Journal Article
    • Modleski, T. (2013). "Historical Omission and Psychic Repression in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights. World Picture. (8)
    • Modleski, T. (2013). An Affair to Forget: Melancholia in Bromantic Comedy. Camera Obscura. (86)
    • Modleski, T. (2010). Clint Eastwood and Male Weepies. American Literary History. Vol. 22 (1), pp. 136-158.
    • Modleski, T. (2007). "Teaching Top Gun" in special issue, "Teaching Difficult Films". Cinema Journal. Vol. 47 (1), pp. 101-105.
    • Modleski, T. (2005). Million Dollar Baby: A Split Decision (reply to Robert Sklar) lead article. Cineaste. Vol. 30 (3), pp. 6-11.

    • Modleski, T. (2010). Hungarian translation of "Rape vs. Mans/laughter: Hitchcock's 'Blackmail'. The Pompei Foundation.
    • Modleski, T. (2009). Reprint of "A Rose is a Rose?" in "The Contemporary Hollywood Reader". Routledge.
    • Modleski, T. (2008). The Women Who Knew Too Much, second edition, Korean translation. Alterity Press.
    • Modleski, T. (2007). "Feminism without Women: Culture and Criticism in a Postfeminist Age" Korean translation. Alterity Press.

    Honors and Awards

    • USC Endowed Chair, Florence R. Scott Professor of English, 1989-  
    • "Writing with a Vengeance: Celebrating the Legacy of Tania Modleski's Loving with a Vengeance and The Women Who Knew Too Much", Spring 2013   
    • Excellence in Arts and Letters Award by the Alumni Association of SUNY Albany, Spring 2010   
    • Provost's Award: Advancing Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences for work on Hitchcock and His Female Collaborators, 2008-2009  
    • Article on my work as a film critic in "Scribes on Screen" feature of Metro, Australian's leading film magazine, Fall 2008   
    • Invitation to submit papers to Pembroke Center at Brown University for inclusion in archive housing papers of pioneering feminist theorists, 2007-2008   
    • National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship Recipient, 1994  

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