New Book from CPW Faculty

Congratulations to CPW affiliated faculty member Melissa Miller on the publication of her new book
Mind, Motivation, and Meaningful Learning : Strategies for Teaching Adult Learners. Miller is the head of the USC’s Philosophy Library, the Humanities Librarian, and the Assistant University Librarian, and she has been involved in the work of CPW since the Center’s inception. Her new book examines strategies and approaches to educate adult learners, with an emphasis on online learning environments—a topic which has become ever more crucial in our pandemic- and (knock on wood) post-pandemic world. More information about the book can be found here.

Carolyn Laferrière – new position at Princeton University Art Museum

Carolyn Laferrière, for the past two years Postdoctoral Fellow at USC Dornsife’s Center for the Premodern World, recently accepted a position “Assistant Curator of Ancient Mediterranean Art” at the Princeton University Art Museum. As such, she’ll be responsible for the care of the collection of ancient Mediterranean art, teaching in the Department of Art and Archaeology, and re-installing the permanent collection in the museum’s new building, which is scheduled to open in late 2024.

During her time at CPW, Dr. Laferrière taught courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels and oversaw a highly successful lecture series on Iconoclasm in the premodern world.. She played a crucial role in helping to organize the exhibition at Doheny Library entitled, “The Silk Roads: Connecting Communities, Markets, and Minds Since Antiquity.” She also completed a book manuscript, Seeing the Songs of the Gods: Divine Music in Archaic and Classical Greek Art, to be published by Cambridge University Press.

“My time as a postdoctoral scholar at USC’s Center for the Premodern World has been invaluable,” Dr. Laferrière says. “At a decisive time in my career, the CPW’s support and the intellectual community at USC empowered me to complete my book and to expand my undergraduate and graduate teaching through new pedagogical approaches. Co-teaching with Ann Marie Yasin was fantastic! I’m so grateful to have had the chance to meet and work with the wonderful people at the CPW.”

The feeling is certainly mutual, since Dr. Laferrière not only helped us launch CPW, but she also helped us thrive during the challenging years of the pandemic. Good luck, Carolyn, and thanks for all that you have done for our community!


Jay Rubenstein—From Cushing Crude to the City of Angels

From Cushing Crude to the City of Angels: USC Dornsife’s new medieval scholar traces his unusual journey. Adolescent Anglophilia, fueled by a love for “Doctor Who” and The Kinks, led Jay Rubenstein to discover a passion for the Middle Ages. Now the MacArthur Fellow and distinguished medievalist joins USC Dornsife to create a new Center for the Study of the Pre-Modern World. [6 min read]