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Equity & Inclusion:

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Local Adaptation

Cunning R, Parker KE, Johnson-Sapp K, Karp RF, Wen AD, Williamson OM, Bartels E, D’Alessandro M, Gilliam DS, Hanson G, Levy J, Lirman D, Maxwell K, Million WC, Moulding AL, Moura A, Muller EM, Nedimyer K, Reckenbeil B, van Hooidonk R, Dahlgren C, Kenkel CD, Parkinson JE, Baker AC (2021) Census of heat tolerance among Florida’s threatened staghorn corals finds resilient individuals throughout existing nursery populations. Proc R Soc B, 288: 20211613. PDF


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Reviews & Synthesis

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Translational Ecology

Kiel PM, Formel N, Jankulak M, Baker AC, Cunning R, Gilliam DS, Kenkel CD, Langdon C, Lirman D, Lustic C, Maxwell K, Moulding A, Moura A, Muller EM, Schopmeyer S, Winters S, Enochs IC (2023) Acropora cervicornis Data Coordination hub, an open-access database for evaluating genet performance. Bulletin of Marine Science, 99(2): 119-136.


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Work from Other Systems

Strehlow BW, Pineda MC, Kenkel CD, Laffy P, Duckworth A, Renton M, Clode PL, Webster NS (2021) Novel reference transcriptomes for the sponges Carteriospongia foliascens and Cliona orientalis and associated algal symbiont Gerakladium endoclionum. Coral Reefs, 40: 9-13 PDF


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