Running a successful research laboratory requires a wide array of skills and resources. Our services are designed for principal investigators (PIs) who are looking for experience, responsiveness and reasonable prices. Our customers are both within and outside the USC network, in the public and private sectors, and across disciplines.


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    We are biochemists, molecular, computational and structural biologists who work and collaborate with you to solve the molecular structure of your target protein. Our services range from gene synthesis up to structure determination. As some of the world’s top experts in the arena of GPCR expression, we have solved twice as many GPCR structures as other highly successful laboratories in this field.

    • Quality Control Check v3.2
    • Molecular Cloning
    • Protein Expression
    • Protein Characterization
    • Binding Assays/Ligand Screening
    • Protein Crystallization
    • Structure Determination



    For more details and pricing, please visit the Structural Biology Center website or email your questions to We look forward to working with you.

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    Our IT services are as broad or narrow as you need them to be. We even have a Certified Computer Forensics Examiner on our team which means we are especially skilled in data recovery.


    • General Help Desk Services
    • Systems Administration
    • Database Developer & Consulting
    • IT Infrastructure


    To find out how we can support your research lab, please call Robin Dominguez at (213) 821-2929. Or email us at for a basic list of services and pricing options.

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    It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of scientific visualization in the research environment, particularly when you’re under pressure to meet a publication or grant deadline. We are highly experienced in representational or interpretive scientific artwork and complex infographics.


    • Scientific Illustration
    • Graphics



    Contact Katya Kadyshevskaya at for cost estimates and scheduling.

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