Welcome to the Brain & Music Lab at USC’s Brain & Creativity Institute. Our group is interested in the interdisciplinary study of music, psychology, and neuroscience. We employ techniques such as Electroencephalography (EEG), functional, structural, and diffusion-weighted neuroimaging (MRI), and psychometric measures to answer a wide variety of questions related to how music listening and playing interacts with and influences the brain throughout the lifespan.

Our lab is led by Dr. Assal Habibi, in collaboration with Dr. Antonio Damasio, Dr. Hanna Damasio, and Dr. Beatriz Ilari. We are part of the Brain & Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California, which houses the Dornsife Neuroimaging Center. We are also part of the new interdisciplinary Center for Music, Brain, and Society, directed by Dr. Assal Habibi.

We are frequently looking for new participants for our studies. If you are interested in participating in research in our lab, please click this link!

If you are looking to volunteer in our lab as a research assistant, or to apply to be a graduate student, please go to the “Contact” tab for more information.