USC Psychology Services Center


The Psychology Services Center (PSC) is committed to providing cutting-edge, empirically supported therapy and assessment to the community.  We have 3 inter-related aims:

  1. to provide high quality training for doctoral students in the clinical science program of the Department of Psychology at USC
  2. to provide high quality and affordable services to individuals in the Los Angeles area
  3. to support research which enhances our understanding of, and treatments for, psychological issues

Teaching Clinic and Diversity Statement:

The PSC serves as a teaching clinic for USC doctoral students earning their Ph.D. in clinical psychology.  Services are typically provided through a team approach in which students work closely with a supervisor who is a Ph.D. psychologist—either a faculty member in our program or a clinical associate.  The PSC provides a wide-range of assessment and therapy services (see Services for more information). 

An important aim of our center is providing culturally sensitive and affirming services in a safe environment for all of our clients. We understand that discrimination and prejudice based on factors such as age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, size, religion, physical and mental disabilities, and socioeconomic status may have impacted our clients, and this discrimination and prejudice may have even been present in other mental health services settings.  We are committed to, and strive to have, an open, ongoing dialogue with our clients about individual differences in an effort to work more effectively and collaboratively with our clients.

We welcome USC undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and their families at the PSC.

To inquire further about our services or to complete a telephone screening, please call 213-740-1600.

Older Adult Counseling Center (OACC):

Since 1977, the Older Adult Counseling Center has been providing expert quality services and programs to people 55 and over, and their families. Located within the Psychology Services Center on the University Park Campus of the University of Southern California, the Older Adult Counseling Center is a non-profit counseling center serving the community.

We are able to schedule appointments directly, but also welcome referrals from other health care professionals.  Please click on Services and select Older Adults to read more about the OACC.