Persian & Minor in Iranian Studies Courses


USC Dornsife College announced that it would offer minor in Iranian Studies for the first time in fall 2013. Ever since it has been offered, Dr. Hani Khafipour has taught a collection of courses in modern Iranian history, culture and contemporary literature. Please check our course catalogue to register for Persian and Iranian Studies courses. Higher Division Persian courses (MDES 320 & MDES 350) will count towards the minor degree in Iranian Studies. Please check Iranian Studies tab in our website for a list of four core courses that count towards the minor degree in Iranian Studies. Please contact us for more information.

Develop Proficiency in Persian & Fulfill your Foreign Language Requirement

Fall 2014 registration for Persian courses and our brand new Iranian Studies are open to all USC students, MDES 120, MDES 150, MDES 220 and MDES 320 have been offered this semester. Advanced Persian I (MDES 320) has been offered for the first time. Students who are placed beyond Persian III can do Persian IV exam and sit in Advance Persian-I if qualify.

The Elementary Persian I & II (MDES 120 & MDES 150) as well as Intermediate Persian (MDES 220 & MDES 250) classes provide students with an unprecedented opportunity to develop communicative proficiency in Persian, sufficient to study through the language. They employ an innovative, modular, and task-based curriculum. You will learn basic skills in reading and writing and develop proficiency in speaking and listening. The main content areas include modern culture of Iran, colloquial conversations, and contemporary Persian literature.

Advanced Persian-I & II (MDES 320 & MDES 350) will count towards the Iranian Studies minor. If you have language requirements and cannot read and write in Persian, you have to start from Persian-I. Persian native speakers who are also proficient in reading and writing may also be able to enroll in Iranian Studies courses (offered in English) with the approval of the department.

Students who want to be tested out of Persian-III and fullfill their foreign language requirements should contact the Language Center and sit for a written placement exam.

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