Study Persian at USC

Persian has been one of the most important languages of Asia for more than a thousand years.

  • the official language of Iran and Tajikistan

  • one of the two official languages of Afghanistan

  • the language of nearly 100 million native speakers

  • a major literary language of India for centuries

  • a vehicle for poetry, philosophy, the sciences, and Islamic literature

Study Persian at USC and communicate with Persian speakers on their own terms. Understand modern Iran and its neighbors with an insider’s perspective. Get direct access to some of the world’s greatest and most influential literature.

  • Persian Courses Offered at USC

    IRAN 120: Persian I
    IRAN 150: Persian II
    IRAN 220: Persian III
    IRAN 250: Persian IV
    IRAN 320: Advanced Persian I
    IRAN 350: Advanced Persian II

Fall 2016 Persian Courses

Already speak some Persian?

Want to be more fluent and more literate? We place heritage learners like you in our higher-level classes. To find out more, contact our Persian instructor, Professor Peyman Nojoumian.

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