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The B.A. in Middle East Studies provides an interdisciplinary framework for developing expertise and wide-ranging critical perspectives on the ancient, medieval, and contemporary Middle East--broadly defined as extending from Morocco through Iran--and its peoples and cultures. Learn about the requirements of the major here.

Majors can choose from two options for language study. The first, strongly recommended for all students but especially for those who seek to pursue a career using Middle East studies, stresses the importance of a regional language (Arabic, Persian, or Hebrew) along with other disciplinary offerings. Many of our advanced language courses are upper-division, and count as credits toward your major. The second allows students to gain an in-depth understanding of the region but without the requirement of a regional language.

Learn more about the languages offered in connection with the Middle East Studies Program here.

A minor in Middle East Studies can expand your expertise in any other field. Create your own emphasis in regional studies.


60-Second Seminars: Lynn Swartz Dodd

60-Second Seminars: Lynn Swartz Dodd

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