Minor In Linguistics

A minor in Linguistics is strongly recommended for all students interested in language, such as those majoring in English, foreign languages, Communication, or Journalism. A minor emphasizing linguistic analysis adds strength and breadth to majors in areas such as Mathematics and Computer Science, which require working with abstract formal structures. A minor emphasizing psycholinguistics is valuable for students in development and cognitive psychology, a minor emphasizing in sociolinguistics is useful for majors in Anthropology, Sociology, and International Relations, and a minor emphasizing second language acquisition would be appropriate for students interested in language teaching and Education. Linguistics is also a relevant and extremely useful minor for students in pre-law and Business programs.

Minor in Arabic and Middle East Studies

The minor in Arabic and Middle East Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that combines courses in Political Science, Religion, Anthropology, and International Relations. Student will acquire advance level knowledge of the Arabic language as well as Middle East history, culture, and religion, as well as gain a better understanding of current events.

  • Requirements for the minor in Arabic and Middle East Studies.
  • Chair: Andrew Simpson
  • 3601 Watt Way
  • Grace Ford Salvatori 301
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-1693