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Dr. Larry Swanson - Connections of an "Hedonic Hotspot"

The Neuroscience Graduate Program Distinguished Speakers Lecture Series

We are very pleased to have Larry Swanson, the Milo Don and Lucille Appleman Professor of Biological Sciences in USC College, deliver our inaugural lecture for the NGP Distinguished Speakers Lecture Series. It is the goal of this new Series to invite the most eminent neuroscientists working today to deliver lectures at USC, and we did not have to look far to identify our first desired speaker.
Dr. Swanson and members of his lab have characterized a behavior control column in the upper brainstem that controls the basic appetites (hunger and thirst), defensive behaviors (“fight-or-flight” responses), and reproductive behaviors (sexual and parental). The team discovered several thousand new brain connections with experimental neuroanatomical pathway tracing methods, as well as other molecular, cellular, behavioral, and neuroinformatics approaches. Their results are presented in more than 250 research articles and a number of books.For this extensive body of work, Dr. Swanson was elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), one of the highest honors given to a scientist in the United States. Dr. Swanson is also the current president-elect of the Society for Neuroscience. We invite members from across the USC disciplines to join us for this very special lecture by one of the leaders of modern neuroscience.    **Reception to follow**Please RSVP at: