Santa Catalina Island (Pimuu)

  • Exploring Catalina Old Style – This is a stereo 3D, 360 video experience that takes you across Catalina Island, including a winding ride in the Wrigley family’s stagecoach (4 minutes).
  • Eagles Nest Hunting Lodge: a 3D VR exploration through time.  The original experience has 6DOF and fully interactive access to artifacts inside the lodge as a gallery of archaeological finds made around this oldest structure on Catalina Island Conservancy land.

Virtual Ancient Manuscript Exploration in Virtual Spaces

An NEH-supported virtual reality experience of a 15th-century illuminated manuscript allows users to engage with the content of the manuscript and also gain an appreciation for handling rare materials. In this project, we created a widely usable template for non-commercial purposes. Contact Lynn Dodd for details.

Videos recorded inside a Quest 2 Oculus headset:

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