About Palaver

Palaver Arts Magazine began in 1998 as a student-run print journal and was reborn as an online arts publication in 2016. We’re committed to showcasing the wide range of what USC students create – visual art, literary work, spoken word, mixed media pieces, short film, and more.

We offer a unique chance for student editors to gain hands-on, resume-building experience in the editorial and publishing world and to feel ownership for a common creative enterprise, with input from experienced faculty.

We welcome submissions of original fiction, poetry, illustration, photography, comics, film, composition, and more, and seek to highlight the original work of USC students.

We provide a range of avenues for student engagement and for building a sense of artistic community, regardless of year or major.

We hope Palaver can provide formative opportunities to submit, to be published, to serve in an editorial capacity, and to celebrate creative expression here at USC in the context of a supportive, student-centered community.

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