Your department can order answer sheets here.  The most commonly used is 4521 GPAS 200Q.

We offer scanning of most Scantron® answer sheets, i.e., those that have circles to bubble in.  Other answer sheets (dashes, rectangular pencil marks) do not work with our hardware.  If you have questions about your answer sheets, please email us with the form number so we can verify.

Please place your answer key on top and enclose them in an envelope, log the drop off at the reception desk, and hand to staff.

Results are generally available after three business days, but may take longer during final exams due to increased demand.

Information for Faculty

Testing and Assessment offers exam proctoring for Dornsife faculty when there are no other departmental options.

Exams subject to OSAS-approved accommodations are done at the OSAS Testing Center.

Make up exams should be administered in accordance with the department’s or program’s existing practices and policies.

Contact us:

3501 Trousdale Parkway Suite B2
Los Angeles, California 90089-4354