As with all minors, students must include at least four upper division courses and four courses dedicated exclusively to this minor (which may be the same four courses). In addition, students must select four courses outside their major department. These may be the same four courses used to meet the first two conditions. Note that Math B.A. and B.S. economics/mathematics students may complete this minor by taking MATH 407 and MATH 408 and at least 16 additional upper division units approved by the Department of Mathematics, which are not in their major department and not being used to satisfy a requirement for their major. Note also that if calculus must be taken to satisfy the prerequisite for MATH 307, then 20 units would be required to complete the minor.

Students studying abroad should note that courses from other institutions may be approved as electives should they be deemed appropriate, but the core courses — Math 307/308 or 407/408 — must be completed at USC.

Course Requirements

One of the following options A or B is required, plus 8 units of approved electives; see the Electives section for a list of previously approved courses.


MATH 307     Statistical Inference and Data Analysis I (4 units, prerequisite: MATH 118 or MATH 125)
MATH 308     Statistical Inference and Data Analysis II (4 units)


MATH 407     Probability Theory (4 units, prerequisite: MATH 226)
MATH 408     Mathematical Statistics (4 units)