Paolo Zanardi

Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Paolo Zanardi
Pronouns He / Him / His Email Office SSC 225 Office Phone (213) 740-4649
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    – Theoretical condensed matter
    – Quantum Information Processing (QIP)
    – Decoherence control
    – Physical Implementation of QIP devices
    – Geometric and topological QIP
    – Quantum entanglement in interacting spin systems and systems of indistinguishable particles
    – Quantum Phase Transitions

  • Journal Article

    • Zanardi, P., Rezakhani, A. (2006). A general setting for geometric phase of mixed states in arbitrary evolution. Phys. Rev. A. Vol. 73, pp. 012107.
    • Zanardi, P., Ciancio, E. (2006). Coupling bosonic modes with a qubit: entanglement dynamics at zero and finite-temperatures. Phys. Lett. A.
    • Zanardi, P., Paunkovic, N. (2006). Ground state overlap and quantum phase transitions. Phys. Rev. E.
    • Zanardi, P., Ciancio, E., Giorda, P. (2006). Mode transformations and quantum entanglement relativity and gaussian states. Phys. Lett. A. Vol. 354, pp. 274.
    • Zanardi, P., Pazy, E., Calarco, T., D’Amico, I., Rossi, F., Zoller, P. (2003). All Optical Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing. J. of Superconductivity: Incorporating Novel Magnetism. Vol. 16(2), pp. 383.
    • Zanardi, P., D’Amico, I., Biolatti, E., Pazy, E., Rossi, F. (2002). All optical quantum dot implementation for quantum computing. Physica E.
    • Zanardi, P., Rasetti, M. (2000). A Possible Strategy to Defeat Decoherence in Quantum Computation: The Role of Symmetries, Dynamical Algebras, and All That. Fortschr. Phys.. Vol. 48, pp. 559.
    • Zanardi, P. (1996). Auxiliary Fermion Linearization. J. Phys. A. Vol. 29, pp. 541.


    • Zanardi, P., Tagliati, E., Rasetti, M., Zecchina, R. (1996). A many body Hamiltonian Approach to Quantum Computation. In M. Biafore, J. Leao and T. Toffoli (Ed.), Boston. PhysComp96.
    • Fellow (or Equivalent) of National Society in Discipline, APS Fellow, 2011/01/01-2080/01/01
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