8 podcasts featuring USC Dornsife faculty and programs to keep you informed
USC Dornsife faculty are connecting with the community through compelling podcasts. (Image Source: iStock/Ekaterina Kapranova.)

8 podcasts featuring USC Dornsife faculty and programs to keep you informed

Stay connected to the USC Dornsife community with these podcasts produced by or featuring USC Dornsife expertise. [2 ¼ min read]
BySara Lattman

The social distancing measures aimed at reducing the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, are challenging everyone to find new ways to stay connected, informed and entertained. These eight fun and intellectually stimulating podcasts produced by or featuring USC Dornsife faculty experts are available online, many for free.

Election R&D podcast emblem

Election R&D: 2020 and Beyond

The USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future is pulling back the curtain on campaign strategies and election media coverage. Center Director Bob Shrum and Co-director Mike Murphy discuss the 2020 election and the country’s political future with Republican and Democratic party operatives, election reporters and other USC faculty. Listen >>

Waiting to X-Hale podcast emblem

Waiting to X-hale

Generation X pop culture is revisited in this podcast as hosts Karen Tongson, professor of English, American studies and ethnicity, and gender and sexuality studies, and veteran podcaster Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh discuss how art, movies and social issues impacted the “forgotten” generation. Each week, Tongson and Mitchell-Rohrbaugh use their unique perspectives to shed new light on pop culture trends from both the past and the present. Listen >> 

Writing Re:Mix podcast emblem

Writing Remix

USC Dornsife Writing Program faculty members Daniel Dissinger and Katie Robison host weekly conversations with guests about writing and research in and out of the classroom. Scholars discuss writing strategies and explore writing during a pandemic. Listen >>


New Roads podcast emblem

New Roads

A USC Dornsife Institute of Armenian Studies podcast, New Roads promotes scholarship that addresses national and global challenges impacting policy, development and progress. Each week, a new guest explores an aspect of Armenian studies while retelling their experiences and research on the subject. Listen >>

Hacks on Tap podcast emblem

Hacks on Tap

USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future Co-director Mike Murphy and David Axelrod, former chief strategist for Barack Obama, trade campaign stories from opposite sides of the party line. Hacks on Tap offers stories, analysis and insights from past and present campaigns, while featuring special guests in the political world. Listen >>

Innovate Series podcast emblem

Innovate Series

Another USC Dornsife Institute of Armenian Studies production, the Innovate Series podcast lets listeners hear the stories and presentations from past Innovate Armenia events at USC. Armenian artists and scholars tell their stories and share their expertise in Armenian culture. Listen >>


Under the Skin podcast emblem

Under The Skin with Russell Brand

Associate Professor of Religion Cavan Concannon discusses religion with actor and comedian Russell Brand. Concannon spoke with Brand in February about religious history and historical discrepancies, and debated Oneness vs. Multiplicity (one deity vs. many). Listen >>


IS Off the Page podcast emblem

Off the Page

Off the Page is produced by International Security, a quarterly journal. On their “Post-Conflict Politics” episode, USC Dornsife Assistant Professor of International Relations Stephanie Schwartz speaks with Anne Richard, former assistant secretary of state for population, refugees ad migration, on post-conflict societies and how they respond to returning refugees. Listen >>