Graduate Students

I current supervise three graduate students in Psychology. A list of current and former students and their affiliations are listed below.

Intelligent, highly motivated students interested in pursuing the genetic basis of complex human behavior are always invited to apply for study in my laboratory. I review applications in Psychology in both the Quantitative Methods (QM) and Brain & Cognitive Sciences (BCS) areas as well as Neuroscience. Psychology students in my lab who wish to receive Clinical training may also jointly apply to the Clinical Sciences area in Psychology, and must have a co-mentor to serve as clinical supervisor.

PhD Students in Psychology and Neuroscience

Name                        Year of Completion (area)            Current Affiliation

  • Devika Dhamija        2016 (BCS)                23andMe Research Scientist - Cupertino, CA
  • Leslie Berntsen         2017 (BCS).               USC Psychology - Teaching Faculty
  • Sharon Niv               2013 (BCS)                Chief Cognitive Scientist at Palo Alto Neuroscience
  • Marissa Ericson         2011 (BCS)                CEO at InSIGHT Elite College Preparation
  • Joshua D. Isen          2010 (BCS)                Asst. Prof. in Psychology, University of Southern Alabama
  • Serena Bezdjian        2008 (BCS)                Applied Research Psychologist, U.S. Air Force
  • Joshua Wyner           2008 (Neuroscience)   Family and Marriage Therapist, Los Angeles
  • Mo Zheng                 2005 (QM)                 Data Scientist, Market Research - Hong Kong           
  • Chandra Reynolds     1992 (Developmental) Professor of Psychology, UC Riverside
  • Michael Stallings       1995 (QM)                  Assoc. Professor of Psychology, UC Colorado
  • Samuel Posner         1991 (QM)                   Research Scientist, Center for Disease Control
  • Laura Sakai             1989 (Developmental)   Child development and education consultant, UC Berkeley
  • Jilla Ghodsian-Carpey 1987 (Developmental) Research Associate, Albert Einstein School of Medicine