Laura A. Baker, USC Professor of Psychology


Welcome!  I am a faculty member in the Psychology Department at the University of Southern California. I teach courses in Behavioral Genetics, Multivariate Statistics, Human Sexuality and Contemplative Neuroscience.  I am also Faculty in Residence in Cowlings & Ilium Residential colleges, where I live and offer programs to enrich the lives of USC undergraduates living on campus. I am also a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT), and teach Iyengar Yoga classes at USC at the Intro I and II levels. Visit other links here for more details about my research and courses, and upcoming events in Residential Education.

Intelligent, highly motivated students interested in pursuing the genetic basis of complex human behavior are always invited to apply for study in my laboratory. I review applications in Psychology (Quantitative and BCS areas) as well as Neuroscience.

Laura A. Baker