If you would like to propose that a Mathematics course offered elsewhere be considered as a substitute for a USC Mathematics course, please furnish the official syllabus of the course, and whatever additional information you believe would be of use, of the course would like to substitute for the USC course. Also, please make a chart following this model that lists each topic mentioned in the USC course syllabus on the left column, the extent of coverage of that particular topic in the course you are proposing on the right, and for every topic that you list as covered in your course, a reference to the location in the syllabus, or in the other documents you are supplying, where that topic is mentioned. Any topic listed for the USC course on the left hand side that is not covered in the proposed course should have an entry `not covered’ in the right column.

Here is coverage for Math 125, Math 126, Math 225Math 226 and Math 245 for the left hand side of the chart.

Please submit all documents as one single pdf file.