The Los Angeles Behavioral Economics Laboratory (LABEL) is a research center dedicated to experimental research on economic decision-making and strategic interactions with a special emphasis on the collection of "non choice" data. These include reaction times, data documenting which information is attended to prior to making decisions, electrodermal responses in conjunction to decisions, or brain activity at the time of decisions.

Experimental Economics has proved useful over the years to test economic theories, disentangle them, and help build new theories capable of better explaining observed behavior. However, it is still often difficult to reveal the motivations for choices in many settings. Non choice data offer an opportunity to understand behavior further as they inform researchers on the underlying mechanisms of decision-making. Importantly, this extra knowledge can then be used to build theoretical models of behavior that explain and predict observed choices in the lab and in the field. 

LABEL's experiments are conducted in our laboratory in the Economics Department, in partnership with other laboratories or at outside sites. Over the recent years, we have built interdisciplinary collaborative projects to better address economically relevant questions that require different sets of expertise. We also organize conferences and workshops to promote novel research on decision-making.  

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The Founders and Directors
Isabelle Brocas and Juan Carrillo

  • How to participate

    In order to participate in experiments, you need to register online. By registering for laboratory experiments, you indicate your intention of taking part in experiments conducted at LABEL.

  • 1.  Register
    2. Check your e-mail for invitations
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    4. Attend the experiment


Donations to support our efforts are welcome! Please visit the donation page of the Economics Department and indicate you want your gift to be directed to LABEL.

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