In 2018 we held the The Resistance Reimagined graduate symposium which aimed to investigate and formulate new theorizations of resistance and rethink how communities and individuals construct narratives to reimagine social and political changes in the context of East Asia. The panels covered topics ranging across cinema and media studies, history, gender studies, literature, and visual studies. Professor William Marotti (Department of History, UCLA) gave the keynote address “One Stop from Yoyogi: Shinjuku and the Politics of Violence and Ambiguity in Japan’s 1968.”

For the inagural year, 2015, our conference Memory, Moment, and Mobility in East Asia was a huge success.  Emerging scholars from 17 different universities, as well as our own graduate students, presented their work over two days in seven panels. Our keynote panel also featured the newest investigations of four distinguished scholars: Professor Michael Berry, University of California, Santa Barbara; Professor Jennifer Jung-Kim, University of California, Los Angeles; Professor Marc Steinberg, Concordia University; and Professor Hongyin Tao, University of California, Los Angeles.