by Matt Broaddus



ISBN 978-1-938900-49-5
Publication Date: September 2023
Perfect-bound, 84 pages, 5″x7″
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TEMPORAL ANOMALIES explores Blackness as a diaspora of time and space. While the three sections loosely correspond to past, present, and future, time roves and slips in fragments and amalgams. The poems search for a sense of belonging within these displacements, finding inspiration in history, science fiction, myth, and the real and imagined geographies that shape the speaker’s ever-shifting map of self.



These poems are a wild and joyous embrace from Chaos. Reaching past theory, Matt Broaddus raises the ecstatic stakes of the lyric. With language and consciousness so expansive, at times this feels like a great work of translation. And maybe Temporal Anomalies is a translation. A translation of time, how duration does its work on each of us and everything in our environment. Every line is alive, like a strong tentacle, each holding some wriggling electric new life in its grasp. Get ready for some brain tingles.
Marwa Helal


Matt Broaddus’ Temporal Anomalies is a wonder of new language, wry humor, and experimentation in belonging. Channeling one vocabulary of time and space, Broaddus weaves together a refreshingly and deeply moving world in which the reader experiences moments of ‘feeling in on it’ juxtaposed alongside moments of unexpected devastation and revelation.
Rio Cortez



Matt Broaddus is the author of the chapbooks Two Bolts (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2021) and Space Station (Letter [r] Press, 2018), as well as the forthcoming poetry collection Deeper the Tropics (BUNNY Presse/Fonograf Editions, 2024). His poems have appeared in Annulet, Changes Review, Mercury Firs, and Poetry Daily. He has received fellowships from Cave Canem, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, and New York University as well as a scholarship from Community of Writers and a residency from Millay Arts. He serves as Poetry Co-Editor for Okay Donkey Press and writes reviews and features for Publishers Weekly. Originally from Palmyra, Virginia, Matt currently lives in Englewood, Colorado.



Book design by David Wojciechowski.

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