by Keith Jones



ISBN 978193890198
Publication date: February 2016
29 pages, 5.3″ x 7″
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lengthwise as fire in you    darkened battle, ashen ritual
to pass on, to pass thru
paint yr eyelids green

gather beneath the Cherry &
Blackwell tree
the darker colors



In Fugue Meadow, a needle drops in grooves of a legendary record. Keith Jones both keeps time and eludes it in his own act of epic listening. As we listen to his listening, he takes us “inside the inside” where his own, poetic music, alert, percussive, and tender, mingles birth, jazz, metaphysics, and intermittent accents of death. The meadow we are permitted to enter, here, is both form and mood. And, as the poet almost but not quite says, infinitely incarnational.

 Joseph Donahue


Keith Jones is the author of Surface to Air, Residuals of Basquiat (Pressed Wafer, 2012). His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Denver QuarterlyFlag + VoidLet The Bucket DownNo InfiniteSundialVerse, and The Winter Anthology. His chapbook manuscript, The Lucid Upward Ladder, was named a finalist for Verse Magazine’s 2015 Tomaž Šalamun Prize. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.  



Book interior design by Diana Arterian.



Cover art by Aliza Sternstein entitled “Fugue Meadow,” 2015. Sternstein is a painter currently living and working in Boston, Massachusetts.


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