Pretty math

You can click the tab Research above for my professional mathematics. As a topologist and geometer, I have always liked mathematics with pretty pictures, and to share my appreciation. Here are two items that seem to have received some notoriety on the Internet.

Animated Ford tessellation and circle packing

What are those circles? Click here if you want to know more.

More of the Ford circle packing and the Farey series

More Farey-Ford math in this 2015 video on Youtube! I hope that, in addition to the french accent and other idiosyncrasies, you enjoy the math and the fantastic editing work of Brady Haran. The math videos of his Numberphile channel are really great. This video has now been viewed over 400,000 times (for whatever YouTube defines as a “view”).

A book for undergraduates

My interest for the Ford tessellation and circle packing, and the software used in the two items above, grew out of my writing the following book.