Professor López focuses on research that provides a critical cultural perspective to the study of psychopathology, assessment, and intervention of Latinos and other ethnic minority groups.

In one line of research, his research team has developed a heuristic model of cultural competence for clinical practice, which, with NIMH support, they are currently testing. In a second line of research, Professor López studies the relationship of family factors and the course of schizophrenia, particularly among Mexican American families. One of their aims is to identify what family members do to prevent relapse.

In collaboration with Dr. Carmen Lara in Puebla, Mexico, Dr. López has also developed a public education campaign to help Spanish speaking family members recognize the key signs of psychosis so that they will be able to seek services promptly. His research brings together basic and applied research in an effort to reduce disparities in mental health care.


Professor López lecture video

Steven R. López, Ph.D.
Immigrant Health Initiative (IHI) Seminar
University of Southern California
November 19, 2013

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