The USC Pre-Law Advising team provides resources including advising, application material review, events, and educational materials designed to support students and alumni preparing for law school.

Pre-law stats for USC students & alumni!


# of USC students & alumni that enrolled in law school in Fall 2022

33% vs. 67%

percentage of USC students vs. alumni that applied to law school starting Fall 2022


Average age of law school matriculants from USC between 2017-2022


# of law schools across the US that USC candidates matriculated to between Fall 2017-2022


# of Top 14 (T14) law schools USC students & alumni were admitted to between Fall 2017-2022


# of academic programs USC alumni majored in before matriculating to law schools across the country between Fall 2017-2022


Average GPA of USC students & alumni applying to law school for Fall 2022


# of law schools attending the annual Law School Fair in 2023


The potential of USC students and alumni!

Our team

Jen O’Connor, Senior Career Advisor, Pre-Law & Graduate School Advising

Jen is motivated by helping students and alumni reach their goals for higher education and beyond.  She loves helping them discover different avenues to share their passions and unique talents with the world around them.  She is a passionate first generation student advocate and loves collaborating across campus to provide life-changing learning opportunities for students and alumni.

Aeverie Polintan, Pre-Law Advising

Aeverie is a current 3L Honors Scholar at USC Gould, and is an aspiring litigator. She attended Northeastern University and graduated with a BS in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Aeverie is thrilled to be part of the Career Pathways team as a pre-law advisor, and is loves leveraging her personal experience to help other students navigate the law school admissions process.

Briana Niu, Pre-Law Advising

Briana is a current 3L student at USC Gould with an interest in patent law. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and a minor in History. Prior to attending law school, Briana worked in IT consulting. Briana enjoys helping students figure out how to navigate their own unique paths to law school.

Madeleine Hoye, Graduate Assistant, Marketing, Pre-Law Advising

Madeleine is a current 3L at USC Law. She went to the University of Alabama for both her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing. Madeleine joined the Career Pathways team because she relied on her pre-law advisors at Alabama and understands the value that this office brings to its students.  Her role on the Pre-Law and Graduate School Advising team is focused on developing the Pre-Law website content and managing the event calendar.

Erica Hur, Graduate Assistant, Marketing, Pre-Law Advising

Erica is a current 3L at USC Gould with an interest in corporate law and technology transactions. She produces the weekly newsletter and social media content for the Pre-Law and Graduate School Advising team.  She is a double Trojan who graduated from USC with a BA in Communication and minor in Public Relations. Erica is excited to be on the Career Pathways team because she wants to help make resources more accessible to students as they navigate their journeys to law school.