Law School Admission Council (LSAC)

LSAC is the primary site for information about applying to law school. LSAC administers the LSAT and CAS (Credential Assembly Services)- both required to apply to law school.

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Credential Assembly Service (CAS) – via LSAC

Registering with CAS is a requirement for most ABA accredited law schools. 

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US News and World Report – Law School Rankings by Speciality

Initial research destination for many hopeful law school candidates on law school specialties and rankings. 

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LSAC Official Guide to ABA Approved Law Schools

This website includes a search function that allows you to search schools based on your specific LSAT score and GPA, likelihood of acceptance, preferred location, etc.

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Wilson-Stern Book of Law School Lists 2020-2021

This book from Kaplan Test Prep has extremely detailed information about law schools, including specialty programs and dual degree programs. 

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American Bar Association (ABA)

The ABA is the official association of the legal profession. Website includes a section on legal education, which lists all ABA accredited law schools, along with much valuable information relating to the legal profession. 

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AccessLex is a non-profit with a mission to improve law education and access for all.

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Ask Edna by AccessLex

One stop shopping for TONS of resources for aspiring law students!

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MAX by AccessLex

Specialized resource within non-profit AccessLex that provides law school funding resources and financial advising. 

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Free LSAT practice, workshops, etc.

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Khan Academy LSAT Resources

Khan Academy has free online LSAT prep including free practice tests and support and tips based on each section of the LSAT. 

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LSAC List of Law School Scholarships

Great place to start looking for scholarships!  This is a comprehensive list of law school scholarships including those for diverse applicants. 

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Support for historically excluded law students to receive access to educational, career development, and internship opportunities.

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Council on Legal Education Opportunity, Inc. (CLEO)

As per their website “The Council on Legal Education Opportunity, Inc. (CLEO) is a 501(c)(3) national non-profit organization that was founded in 1968 to expand opportunities for minority and low-income students to attend law school.” 

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Another law school application-prep prep option including LSAT self-study resources, as well as application information.

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Individual Law School’s Admissions Websites

Gain understanding about each school’s programs, application process, internship and job placements, scholarships, etc.  Take advantage of blogs students write to share about their law school experiences.