Please reference your school-based career center website for internship postings and internship resources. School-based career centers

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Law Firms: Many law firms offer internships for pre-law students to assist with legal research, administrative tasks, and gain exposure to different practice areas. Websites for specific law firms can be found through online local searches or state-specific ABA directories. The American Bar Association also offers internships.
  2. Government Agencies: Interning with government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Justice, district attorney’s offices, public defender’s offices, and other local, state, or federal agencies can provide valuable experience. USAJOBS is the official job site for federal government internships.
  3. Corporate Legal Departments: Large corporations with in-house legal teams sometimes offer internships for pre-law students to gain insight into corporate law and compliance. Networking and searching on corporate websites are helpful in finding such opportunities.
  4. Courts and Judicial Chambers: Interning with a court or a judge’s chambers can provide hands-on experience in the legal system. Local court websites may have internship listings.
  5. Legal Aid Societies: Local legal aid organizations provide legal services to individuals who cannot afford representation. For example, websites such as the Legal Services Corporation list internship opportunities.
  6. Law Libraries: Law libraries at law schools, universities, and legal institutions may offer part-time jobs for aspiring lawyers interested in legal research and information services.
  7. International Legal Organizations: Some pre-law students might seek internships with international organizations like the United Nations or international law firms with global practices.
  8. Volunteering: Search for volunteer opportunities via VolunteerMatch related to your areas of interest.  This could be a great way to try something out with low commitment!
  9. Nonprofit Legal Organizations: Legal nonprofits and public interest organizations offer internships for pre-law students to work on advocacy, social justice, and public policy issues. We suggest starting your exploration with– they have a great search engine!


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