Funding Law School Resources

As you will see, there are many options to help finance your law school education.  Please explore this compilation of resources to help you start the process of securing funding.


>Remember to plan your finances wisely and explore multiple options to minimize your debt burden and make your legal education more affordable.  The non-profit organization AccessLex offers complimentary one-on-one financial advising to those interested.

Work-Study Programs

Some law schools offer work-study programs that provide part-time employment opportunities on campus. These jobs can help you earn money to cover your educational expenses.

Employer Sponsorship

Some employers offer tuition reimbursement or sponsorship programs for their employees who want to pursue higher education, including law school. Check if your current or potential employer has such programs in place.

Part-Time or Summer Employment

Consider working part-time during your studies or securing a summer job to help cover your expenses. Look for legal internships, clerkships, or related positions in law firms, corporations, or government agencies.

Savings and Personal Contributions

If possible, start saving money early on to contribute to your law school expenses.

Price breakdown for applying to law school.


    What is AccessLex?

    AccessLex Institute is a nonprofit organization committed to helping talented, purpose-driven students find their path from aspiring lawyer to fulfilled professional. As a nonprofit organization underpinned by nearly 200 American Bar Association-approved nonprofit and state-affiliated law schools, AccessLex is intently dedicated to the betterment of legal education.

    Student Loan Calculator

    Know what you’ll need to borrow. Explore repayment plans. Identify loan consolidation and refinancing options. Determine how much you can have forgiven under PSLF (Public Service Loan Forgiveness).  Realize the power of prepayment. And more!

    Understanding Law School Admissions and Financial Aid

    Law schools make admission and financial aid offers on a rolling basis, so there is an application window rather than a due date. Check out the steps you need to take, and when to take them, to increase your odds of admission and your potential scholarship dollars.


    Free financial resources and advice for financing law school from MAX

    MAX provides quick and easy to understand lessons, in-person and online learning options, one-on-one financial coaching from Accredited Financial Counselors, and over $300,000 in scholarship incentives each year to keep you motivated! From paying for law school to investing for your retirement – and every step in between – let MAX be your guide.

    Scholarship databank from AccessLex

    Search over 800 carefully curated and vetted scholarship opportunities and writing competitions — totaling more than $3 million in aid.