Unlike the undergraduate college application process, there is no common application for graduate study (except for professional programs like Law, Medical, Dental, and various Allied Health programs).  Candidates apply to each graduate program of interest via an online program/school application. 

No two graduate programs and graduate schools are exactly the same!  As such, each program will have unique application requirements. Please ensure you fully understand what each program is requiring and follow their directions exactly as requested. If you have questions about their requirements, please contact each program or school’s admissions team for clarification.

Please use the following resources as general guidelines while tailoring toward the specific requirements each school/program is looking for.

Student standing letter requests

Certain graduate schools ask for a letter from the Dean’s office regarding your standing as a student.  Please email the Vice President of Student Life office with the grad school’s request for a Dean’s letter attached.

Make sure the graduate school’s directions on how/where to send the letter are included. Please use the following for your subject line: Dean’s letter request for [insert your name].

The process to send the letter to the graduate school should take less than five business days.