Impressive interns
Employer benefits
A vision for the world

Impressive interns

Employer benefits

A vision for the world

The USC Dornsife Gateway Internship Program offers companies an opportunity to recruit top notch talent as summer interns and train the next generation of leaders. The Gateway advantage is the coupling of internship experience with a USC distinguished professional mentor and required participation in seminars designed to strengthen leadership skills.

Employer Benefits

The Gateway Internship Program will:

  • Vet qualified and skilled candidates to meet internship needs
  • Promote the visibility for your company to the USC community
  • Bring energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas through student interns
  • Partner with you to coach students during the internship experience
  • Serve as a talent pipeline for permanent positions

Partnership Targets

Employer Partner Timeline

  • December/January | Employers invited to partner, submit employer and position descriptions
  • February | Gateway staff perform round one interviews and send student candidates for employer interview consideration
  • March/April | Employers conduct round two interviews, select intern(s), and notify Gateway staff
  • May/June | Internships begin
  • July/August | Internships and program conclude; employers submit program evaluations

Interested in Partnering? Contact:

Sonya Vanhoof Jimenez | Assistant Dean of Stewardship and Operations