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    The geochemistry of cancer: A new approach for research and diagnosis

    Whom: John, S., J. West, W. Berelson (Ming Hsieh Institute 2019)

    Funds: $80,000

    Length: 1 year

    Investigating a novel role for iron redox cycling in the lithification of microbial mats and the rise and fall of stromatolites in Earth history

    Whom: Corsetti, F., W. Berelson and others (NASA Astrobiology 2019)

    Funds: $994,274

    Length: 3 Years

    Collaborative Research: New approaches to study calcium carbonate dissolution on the sea floor and its impact on paleo-proxy interpretations.

    Whom: Berelson, W. (NSF OCE 2018)

    Funds: $668,000

    Length: 3 Years

    Expansion of oxygen minima in Santa Monica Basin

    Whom: Berelson, W. and T. Truede (NOAA Sea Grant 2016)

    Funds: $60,000

    Length: 2 Years

    CaCO3 dissolution in the North Pacific Ocean: Comparison of lab and field rates with biogenic and abiogenic carbonates

    Whom: Berelson, W. (NSF OCE 2015)

    Funds: $588,609

    Length: 3 Years

    Other Projects

    Berelson, W. (SCEC)—Investigation of the origin of grey layers in Santa Barbara Basin sediment cores—flood deposits or tsunamis?

    Berelson,W. and L. Yeung (NSF OCE)—Collaborative Research: Clumpy O2 as a tracer for productivity and respiration—3 years.

    Berelson, W. and J. Adkins (OCE1220302)- Ocean Acidification – Collaborative Research: Measuring the kinetics of CaCO3 dissolution in seawater using novel isotope labeling, laboratory experiments, and in situ experiments—NSF OCE Funded, 3 years.

    Berelson, W. (2010–NSF ANT1029878) Collaborative Research: Continental Shelf diagenesis II: The importance of increasing oceanic hypoxia to coastal iron suppy and the ocean’s iron isotope composition. Three years. NSF ANT Funded

    Berelson, W. and Capone, D. (2009–OCE 0934073) Collaborative Research: ETBC: Amazon influence on the Atlantic: Carbon export from Nitrogen fixation by diatom symbioses (ANACONDAS). Three years. NSF OCE Funded

    Berelson, W. and F. Corsetti (NASA Astrobiology) A community education and outreach activity: International GeoBiology Summer Course. Four years. NASA Astrobiology Funded

    Berelson, W., D. Hammond, M. Prokopenko (2009–OCE 0961207) Collaborative Research: Applying O2/Ar, Delta 17O and 222Rn methodologies to constrain organic carbon productivity in the upper ocean of the ETSP. Three years. NSF OCE Funded

    Capone, D., W. Berelson and A. Knapp (2009) Determining N2 fixation in N deficient waters of the Eastern Tropical South Pacific. Three years. NSF OCE0850801