Archaeology Research Center – ACB 335

    Get your hands on the past! This on-campus facility houses a collection of artifacts and supports student involvement in research projects. This lab has real artifacts in ACB where many students volunteer or complete ANTH 490 Directed Research as a junior or senior. If you are interested in getting a tour of the lab or involved with the lab, please contact Professor Lynn Dodd at or

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    Archaeology Institute of America

    For more information on membership, scholarships and trips, visit

    USC Libraries InscriptiFact Digital Library

    USC Libraries maintains a digital library designed to allow access via the Internet to high-resolution images of ancient inscriptions from the Near Eastern and Mediterranean Worlds. The target inscriptions are some of the earliest written records in the world from an array of international museums and libraries and field projects where inscriptions still remain in their original locations. Visit—-an-image-database-of-inscriptions-and-artifacts-2A3BF1OL6PW

    Become a Certified California Naturalist

    Become a Certified California Naturalist through one $100 course:

    Archaeology Program