I am currently a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Southern California.

Here is a link to our departmental algebra seminar; name notwithstanding, topics of interest range from algebraic geometry to algebra and homotopy theory; we are aiming to resume in-person meetings this semester.

My research centers around using the Morel-Voevodsky A^1-homotopy theory to study problems in arithmetic and algebra. For more information, please see my Preprints and Publications.

I serve as an associate editor for Advances in Mathematics; papers may be submitted online, you may then select me as a handling editor (if you send me the paper directly via e-mail, then for logistical reasons, I will request that you submit through the online link).  I also serve as an editor for the New York Journal of Mathematics; papers may be submitted by e-mailing me (if you intend to submit a paper to me, then please make sure to check that it is related to my areas of interest).

I gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation via Awards DMS-1802060 and DMS-2101898.