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Wayne Sandholtz

John A. McCone Chair in International Relations

Professor of International Relations and Law

Research areas:  International norms, international law, international courts, human rights

Professor Sandholtz’s CV


Research Handbook on the Politics of International Law

By Wayne Sandholtz and Christopher A. Whytock

International Norms & Cycles of Change

By Wayne Sandholtz and Kendall Stiles

Selected Articles & Chapters

Mulesky, Suzie, Wayne Sandholtz and Kelebogile Zvobgo. Forthcoming. “Do Human Rights Treaty Obligations Matter for Ratification?” Journal of Human Rights.

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Sandholtz, Wayne. 2015. “How Domestic Courts Use International Law.” Fordham International Law Journal 38(2): 595 – 637.



Wayne Sandholtz

School of International Relations
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